Eliminate Your Financial Stress


All too often we miss the hidden connection between our money and our feelings. 

Discover the real reason you cannot feel at ease with your money.

Learn why you overspend and get the tools to change that habit.

Understand why you under earn...and how to change that.

Pegi Burdick created The Financial Whisperer® Coaching series to help women separate their emotions from their finances. Through this program, women learn to recognize and understand how and why they confuse love and money, why they have difficulty demanding what they deserve, and receive tools that are life changing.

It's NEVER about the Money...even when it is uses words that are common to everyone and puts them into a refreshing perspective to show how we confuse our emotions with our finances. The book digs deep and raises eyebrows; some of the observations are startling. The book comes from one woman's journey of healing from almost financial ruin to peace and stability. Pegi Burdick states, "If I can do it without a Masters degree, so can you. It takes compassion, hard work and courage." Using in part client stories to illustrate a point, the book also provides tools that can be used immediately.

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What Clients Are Saying About Pegi

"Her coaching has literally changed my life!  I am eternally grateful and recommend her services to everyone I know with great enthusiasm and confidence.  If you’re considering a life coach…. you just found the BEST!"

Kristan Cicero, MS, CRC, LPC   President, KVS Consulting Services

Nothing changes the gender equation more significantly than women's economic freedom. 


-Gloria Steinem