When my life became unraveled in 2007, I spent the next 12 months trying to understand how I became a statistic in my own financial war.


On that journey, I read authors who were insightful and healing. And, from that place of softness I discovered my true passion and what made my life feel purposeful.


I’ve always had the mindset that if something is true for me, it’s probably true for someone else. 


As I started to heal, starbursts of revelations would explode in my brain causing continuous AH-HA moments. Those moments converted into vocabulary…one truth telling, distilled word that identified the feeling I was experiencing.


How and what we feel is part of our identity, and that is what my book is basically about: 25 words that have a profound impact on our daily lives.


Everyone who reads it, especially women, ask me how did I know their childhood so well? Was I a fly on their bedroom wall?


I hope the book resonates with you as it has for so many other people.

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Book Image.jpg