Pegi Burdick

If you are struggling to make sense of your financial situation,
I can help you...


All too often we miss the hidden connection between our money and our feelings. In those dark moments, we feel as if we are in a bottomless pit. I am here to help guide you. It's complicated at times, but I know the way out. 

My mission is simple: To help women understand their emotional pain around money and guide them to new levels of confidence in their financial affairs. 

I’m going to bypass all the promises and fluff you have already read about building wealth and finding your “money center”...and cut to the chase.

You have financial stress. Maybe you wake up at 3AM, worrying about how to pay for your child’s next semester, or you’ve depleted your savings and are living on credit cards, or you are over 40 and spend everything you earn with no savings or retirement plan.

How do you fix this? 

Pegi Burdick created The Financial Whisperer® Coaching series to help women separate their emotions from their finances. Through this program, women learn to recognize and understand how and why they confuse love and money, why they have difficulty demanding what they deserve, and receive tools that are life changing.
Listen to Pegi explain how the tools she has developed can change your life...

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