Are Your Finances as Fabulous as Your Shoes?

Carrie Bradshaw had it right — shoes are a girl’s best friends!

There are so many reasons that we attach so much emotional value to our shoe purchases. After all, our shoes never judge us, they don’t abandon us if we move up a skirt size, and they never leave the seat up or dishes in the sink. Reliable as they are, they will always be there when we need them: wellies for rain, sneakers for kickboxing, flats for dating a short guy, and espadrilles for the Hamptons.

Something about each different style seems to capture the attitude we want to silently proclaim to the world on any given day. If we’re trying for a conservative look, the penny loafers come out, but it’s time for the flirty heels when we’re trying to look sexy. When it’s time to enjoy a little “me” time, only the comfiest bunny slippers will do. Most importantly,

wearing the right pair of shoes can make us smile and bring a little pep back to our step, even on the dreariest days.

It’s no wonder it’s so often easier to talk about our shoes than our money.

Avoiding a conversation about whether we are earning enough to retire, how our bankruptcy can affect our relationships, or whether it’s time to leave our comfort zone and find a better-paying job can trigger feelings that we wish would stay in the shadows.

It’s time to start thinking of our money like our shoes. Our finances can empower us in many different situations. The trick is to find out how to make them fit into a shoebox, regardless of how much we have … or don’t have.

Maybe right now it’s time to be a bit conservative with your money, saving up for the future or paying down some of your debts. Or maybe it’s time to take a calculated risk that will help you make the jump to your dream career. Perhaps now is the moment to get creative with your finances, so you can start walking down the path to your success.

If you’re ready to start caring for your wallet as much as you care for your footwear, start implementing these six steps in your life.

  1. Be kinder to yourself. Even situations that seem bleak can be a window of opportunity to learn more about yourself.

  2. Take the pressure off. You will find the best answer, but you don’t always have to do it alone.

  3. Believe you are resilient, smart, and capable of doing anything you set your mind to do by making a list of the things you are proud of.

  4. Write down specifics about what you want your life to look and feel like five years from now.

  5. Reverse-engineer your ideal future to build the path that will help you achieve those goals.

  6. Set small, sustainable goals that you can measure weekly, and keep yourself accountable daily.

It might take a while to break in the right system for you, but with a little work and some good maintenance, you can make your finances shine!

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